Bicycle Repair Service by Neutral Cycle Workshop – An Independent Bike Shop in Urbana, Illinois

Tune ups

Tune ups are recommended on a seasonal basis or every 1000 to 3000 miles if you do not notice any problems. If for any reason you are unsure of the state of your bicycle, bring it in for a free estimate! All tune ups come with the Neutral warranty of one-month of free adjustments on services paid for. The types of tune-ups available are as follows:


  • FREE

Standard Tune Up $65

  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Brake adjustment
  • Hub, headset, & bottom bracket adjustments
  • Wheel truing and re-tensioning
  • Inspection of the binders/bolts on the stem, seat post, and cranks
  • Lubrication of the chain, cogs and derailleur pivots
  • Tire inflation

Deluxe Tune Up $105

  • All of the services included in a Standard Tune Up
  • Grease injections into Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket
  • Frame cleaning

Wheel and Rim Service

Wheels are the most important part of your bicycle for longevity and efficiency! Checking up on them regularly will ensure your rides are smooth and enjoyable.

Wheel Truing

Standard Wheel Truing: $5-$15

Nipple lubrication and wheel truing

Standard Plus: $10-$20

Hub/cone adjustment, spoke nipple lubrication and wheel truing

Deluxe Wheel Truing: $15-$25

True and re-dish the wheels, cone inspection, injection of grease into the hub, and hub adjustment

Hub Service

Repack the front hub: $12

Replacement of balls and grease, and hub/cone readjustment

Repack the rear hub: $18

($35 per Sturmey Archer 3-speed hubs)

Replace balls and grease

Lubrication of the internals of the freewheel or removal of the cassette free hub body and lubrication of the internals. Other internal hubs tend to take more time and are subject to our hourly rate of $65


Fix a flat/Replace a tube

$8 on derailleur bicycles
$10 on three speeds, five speeds, and any other internal geared bicycles and some BMX
$10 or more for any enclosed chain bicycles (note: these sometimes take an hour)

Replace Spokes

$8 for the first spoke on the front wheel, and $2 for each additional one
$10 for the first spoke on the rear wheel, and $2 for each additional one

Wheel Builds

$29 front, $35 rear, with the purchase of all parts through the shop
$40 on the existing hub with the purchase of spokes and rim through the shop
$60 with an overhaul of the hub, $50 without an overhaul using your parts

Chain Repair and Service

Derailleur adjustment: $5-$15
Derailleur replacement: $15
Derailleur hanger alignment: $15
Cable replacement: $5-$15

Brake Service and Repair

Installation of new pads with cable adjustment:

V or U Brakes $7 per wheel
Cantilever $7 per wheel
Road Caliper $5 per wheel

Installation of new brakes: $5-$40

V Brakes with levers and cables: $15-$30

Mechanical disk brakes: $20-$40

Bottom Bracket

Bottom bracket overhaul (cartridge): $15

($45 per hour fee applies for seized bottom bracket)

Bottom bracket repack (loose ball/cup and cone): $25


Headset repack: $15-$25
Headset replacement: $20-$40 or more


An overhaul is recommended every 4000 to 6000 miles if you take good care of your bicycle. During our busy season, it is virtually impossible to schedule an overhaul, so plan ahead. An overhaul comes with the Neutral warranty of two months of free adjustments to these services. This is in order to cover the break in period of virtually anyone’s riding schedule.

Complete overhaul (September to March): $175.00

  • Repack the bearing in the hubs
  • Repack the bearing in the headset
  • Repack the bearings in the bottom bracket or remove cartridge bottom bracket
  • Chase/clean the bottom bracket threads of the frame need to be chased/cleaned
  • Clean the frame and wheels
  • Check the alignment of the frame, drop outs, and the fork.
  • Clean all the drive train parts in a parts washer and inspect for wear
  • Check for chain stretch and replace if necessary
  • True & re-dish the wheels
  • Replace all the cables and housing
  • Adjustment of all components


Other Services

Pedal and cleat installation: $5-$20
Stem change of non-removable face plate: $25-$50
Stem change of removable face plate: $10
Re-tape the bars: $15
Box a bike: $50
(Shipping not included)
Build of a bicycle from the box: $50 for single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle, $75 for multi-geared bike
Installation a bicycle computer: $10-$25
Installation a rear/front rack or basket: $10-$25
Installation of fenders: $10-$20
Installation of new handlebars: $8-$25
Frame, fork, and dropout alignment (often in the case of an accident): $20