Note: Bike Fittings will start in March at Neutral

When Neutral mechanics, Mike and Paul, encourage me to get my bike fitted, I do it because I can write about it. I do it because Mike and Paul are very nice.

Primarily riding for short distance commuting and fitness, I think bike fittings are for professional athletes or for people who dress like them. I am wrong.

In Neutral’s soon-to-be-revealed bike fitting studio, I admit to Paul and Mike, that yes, on long rides my wrists do sometimes hurt. Yes, sometimes I feel a twinge in my right knee. Yes, I try to keep my back as straight as possible, but on short rides I don’t really think about it.

Guess what I learn? By unconsciously ignoring (small, but mighty!) deficiencies with my bike’s fit, I have been compromising not only the efficiency of my movement, but also the health of important joints.

Mike and Paul use an Ipad and a bike fitting app to document the fitting and measure the angles of my body. My wrists are at a hearty 45 degrees and I am pouring too much weight into the sensitive joint. My knees are extending too far in front of my ankles. My spine is not straight.

By the end of an engaging, informative session, Paul and Mike have:

-Taught me correct foot placement

-Lowered the handlebars

-Extended my handlebars forward

-Lifted my seat

-Extended my seat backwards

It makes a huge difference, and Paul and Mike are happy to advise me about other optional changes that could help and other equipment that I could purchase in the future. They are focused on my comfort above all else and they are never pushy.

Now I’m riding like a pro through the prairie and to the grocery store. More efficiency, more comfort, more confidence. And even more respect for Neutral.

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