It started in a parking garage one night in 2007. Young, passionate, and
fearless bicycle lovers started playing polo together. They made their own
mallets from ski poles and PVC pipes. They played in various venues, from a
roller hockey rink to vacant parking lots. They grew in numbers. This year,
BikeFace and Neutral Cycle started overseeing CU Bike Polo and has been
hosting weekly matches.

Facebook photos from previous polo competitions

Why are we doing it
CU Bike Polo is not just a sport; it is a culture.
A culture that brings people together.
A culture that transforms urban space.
A culture that builds community.
It is our commitment to celebrate bike polo in the Champaign-Urbana area
and create a diversified bicycling culture. JOIN US & ENJOY THE GAME.

We’ve got extra mallets and everything else to play. Any and all are
welcome! Plus, none of us are any good! Come out and give it a shot!

Where do we play
Weekly matches every Saturday, from 4 PM ’till dark in the corner
lot where Race St. meets the train tracks!