Sure, lobster gloves are weird looking, but innovation often takes a little time to get used to. Lobster gloves are a niche-need, but incredibly beneficial for the cold weather bike rider.

Warmer than five-fingered gloves and less constraining than mittens, the gloves optimize comfort and functionality. You can change gears, ring your bells, and brake easily without having to sacrifice the basic need of warm-blooded creatures: internal body temperatures over 90 degrees.

Keeping your fingers cozied together means more body temperature flows between fingers and there is less skin contact with cold fabric. Repeat: Less cold, more cozy.

Our Giro brand gloves in stock received this customer review last night: “These really F*ing work. They’re some of the best bike gloves I’ve ever owned. They’re warm, not cold! They work! They work!”

We like things that work.

Come get geared.

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