Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder

Need your morning coffee on the bike ride to work or school? The Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder makes this possible. The cup holder adjusts to fit all sizes of handlebars and is made of aluminum, so it will never rust. The letters are laser-engraved on the outside, and it is lined with rubber on the inside to hold any standard-sized cup from your favorite coffee shop or thermos with a snug fit.  It’s the perfect gift for those who love to bike and can’t get away from their coffee or favorite beverage.

Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder
Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder
Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder
Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder

“Let’s Ride” Handmade Holiday Cards

There’s nothing like getting a hand-written note in the mail. Crafted locally using wood-type letter press techniques by our friends at Living Letter Press, these handmade cards are a beautiful representation of an art form that communicates thoughtfulness and a personal touch. These bike themed cards come in three different colors and are perfect for sending a special messages to the bicycle enthusiast or loved one in your life during the holiday season.

Let's Ride Neutral Cycle Holiday Card Orange
Let's ride Neutral Cycle Holiday card yellow
neutral cycle cards

~ Find us at Flying Machine Coffee ~

Neutral Cycle is working with Flying Machine Coffee to make these products easily accessible during the holidays.
Visit Flying Machine Coffee or the Neutral Cycle Workshop to pick up a Neutral Cycle Coffee Cup Holder and a “Let’s Ride” handmade holiday card.


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