Neutral Cycle World

A community — a collaboration between artists; craftsman; engineers; painters; photographers; wood, leather, fabric and metal workers–all working closely to bring the soul and beauty of Urbana to the rest of the world.

At the heart of the workshop is the simple belief that bicycle is for everyone and we can change life with it.

It is our goal to present you the Neutral Cycle World. By exploring our projects, you will find our hard works, our passions, our bikes, our community and together how we move the world forward.

Join us and keep in touch.

NCW No.9

Neutral Cycle Design – 2014

photo by Tim Chao

It is our passion to keep pushing the limit of innovation. In the past hundred years of cycling history, bicycle has been the inspiration for various technology advancements, icon for the social movements, and a major ….. read more

NCW No.8

UIUC Bicycle Share – 2014

Bike Share For University of Illinois Housing - 2014

photo by Tim Chao

Neutral Cycle works with Sustainability LLC to create a bike share program for its staffs and students. Because we believe cycling is one of the most sustainable mode of transportation in a college town like this. We provided a fleet of… read more


NCW No.7

CU Bike To Work Day -2014

CU Bike To Work Day -2014

photo by Tim Chao

In order to encourage and support more people to bike, Neutral Cycle co-sponsored a station on U of I Campus at Engineering Quad. Against the cold and raining weather from 6:30 am to 10 am, Neutral Psychos provide free bicycle clinic… read more


NCW No.6

NC Campus: Grand Opening – 2014


photo by Tim Chao

After months of preparation, design and construction, finally, we are opening up our second location on Campus. It is in our heart to build a even better cycling community through this establishment. We have a plan to make this…. read more


NCW No.5

CU Bike Polo Tournament – 2014


photo by Luke Bial

It started in a parking garage one night in 2007. Young, passionate, and fearless bicycle lovers started playing polo together. They made their own mallets from ski poles and PVC pipes. They played in various venues, from a roller hockey …. read more


NCW No.4

Uni High School Bicycle Class -2014

uni high bike class

photo by Tim Chao

Neutral Cycle, worked with Jeff Yockey from Champaign County Bikes and several mechanics from Bike Project co-hosted a week long Agora Days Build-A-Bike class. There were 20 high students that divided into 5 groups. Each group… read more


NCW No.3

Downtown Pop Up Store – 2013


photo by Tim Chao

After months and months of preparation, Neutral Cycle unveiled its latest masterpiece, Urbana Porter Bicycle. As a highly utilitarian bicycle, it is specifically designed and build to meet the need of daily commuters in Urbana…….read more


NCW No.2

UMS Bicycle Class – 2013


photo by Rebecca Nathanson

Neutral Cycle Workshop partnered up with C-U Safe Routes to School Project to teach a basic bicycle maintenance class to the kids in Urbana Middle School after school program. It is part of the the six-week SPLASH bicycle skills and……….read more


NCW No.1

Urbana Downtown Mural Project – 2013


photo by Kyle Dunn

Bicycle culture has a long history in Urbana. The mural project behind the Courier celebrates that heritage, paying homage to local legends like Paul’s Bike Shop that paved the way for the rich bicycle community that exists today… read more