Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall (LAR)

LAR is a student dorm at the University of Illinois located on Lincoln Ave. Each University student residence hall has a specific program (Living and Learning Community) designed to cultivate culture and provide resources for students to explore their interests outside of classes.

Sustainability Living and Learning Community (Sustainability LLC)

Sustainability LLC welcomes students to learn about the diverse aspects of sustainability while living amongst their peers. It allows students from a range of different backgrounds to explore their interest in and make a commitment to sustainable living. Students work together to learn, from professionals and from one another, about the academic, organic, and experiential facets of sustainability.

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Bike Share Program

Neutral Cycle has teamed with Sustainability LLC to create a bike share program for its students and staff. We believe cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation in a college community like the U of I. We have provided a fleet of heavy duty bikes that come with fenders, racks, chain guards, internal three speed hubs, and step through frames. They are high quality and require very little maintenance. Neutral also will provide a workshop for students from LLC on how to do basic maintenance on these bikes.

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