Neutral Cycle Workshop Product Launch Week at CoLab

After many months of preparation, Neutral Cycle unveiled its latest masterpiece, Urbana Porter bicycle, with both male and female models. As a highly utilitarian bicycle, it is specifically designed and build to meet the need of daily commuters in the Urbana-Champaign area.

In addition to the Urbana Porter bicycle, several new Neutral Cycle products were also introduced during the event to kick off 2014.

  • NC Signature Coffee cup Holder
  • NC Leather Touring Saddle
  • NC Wood Fender
  • NC Custom Coffee Cup Holder
  • Handmade Bicycle Themed Cards
  • A partnership with CHROME and Velo Orange

It was a great week for Neutral, we met hundreds of people, talked about bikes and shared the love of cycling. We are very encouraged by the support and ideas. 2013 is just the beginning for us. We have so much more we would like to offer to this great community.

Special Thanks:
Matt Cho – [Co][Lab]
James Roedl – Bike Project
Jane McClintock – Vonderheide Carpentry