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Our Passion

It is our passion to keep pushing the limit of innovation. In the past hundred years of cycling history, the bicycle has been the inspiration for various technological advancements, an icon for the social movements, and a major economic industry. Modern automobile transmission, modern aviation design, carbon fiber technology, guitar strings, the early 1900s feminism movement, the current environmental movement, and so many more human advancements were all influenced by this simple human-powered two-wheeled machine. Neutral Cycle Design was born to continue the tradition and explore the future of bicycling.

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Design Studio

Early in the summer of 2014, a couple of Industrial Design graduates, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, web developers, and programmers started to develop creative projects with Neutral in the Studio space next to the campus shop. In mid-summer, Neutral Cycle Design was formed to serve as the creative outlet to fast prototype concepts, and accelerate product design, marketing, and fabrication.

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