What is Summer Movie Night?

Summer Movie Night is a monthly film series hosted in Downtown Urbana in an outdoor parking lot from May to September. It is a platform that provides the opportunity for local residents to come out, get to know each other, visit local businesses, and celebrate summer in Urbana.


Why are we doing it?

The culture of Urbana is simple, organic, diverse, and very community-driven. There is a long history of grassroots movements in this community. Summer Movie Night began in 2014, following in this tradition. The mission is to transform an underutilized space and make it artfully functional through films and ‘trailers’ that create conversation and motivate people to learn about and visit the community, thus enriching the Urbana experience.


Who are we?

We a group of young adults living and working in Urbana drawn from local businesses including Neutral Cycle, [co][lab], and +Adjacency. Through the use of social media platforms and various events, we have worked to energize the downtown and promote its unique identity since 2013. A major aim has been to demonstrate to the public that Downtown Urbana is changing and growing at a rapid rate and to encourage others to get involved.


Special thanks to the partners

We have partnered with a number of local businesses and organizations that provided funding or offered services or products for free or for reduced prices.

Busey Bank
the City of Urbana
Corson Music
Urbana Land Arts
Common Grounds Co-Op
Urbana Public Arts Program
Pandamonium Doughnuts
Flying Machine Coffee
Pizza M

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