Uni High: Agora Days

University High school is famous for creative freedom for its students. Since 1977, every year in late February, students, parents, faculty, alumni and friends of the school are invited to teach hour-long classes about a wide range of topics. These classes make up a four-day week called Agora Days. During the week, students are encouraged to learn new skills through these alternative studies.

agora days

Build-A-Bike Class

Neutral Cycle, working with Jeff Yockey from Champaign County Bikes and several mechanics from the Bike Project, co-hosted a week long Agora Days Build-A-Bike class. Twenty high school students attended, and split into five groups. Each of these groups worked together with a senior mechanic to overhaul and rebuild a bicycle. Short lessons on bicycle safety and C-U bike culture were also given out at the beginning of each class session.

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This hands-on workshops taught students not only how bicycles work, but also how to do basic maintenance. Five bikes were completed through the class. We were very happy to see the student’s enthusiasm and impressed by their fast learning ability.

Special Thanks

Jeff Yockey, President – Champaign County Bikes
James Roedl, Manager –┬áBike Project of Urbana-Champaign
Jake Benjamin, Staff – Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign
Tim Marty, NRES Curriculum Advising Coordinator – University of Illinois
Daniel Kamberelis, Manager – Neutral Cycle