Bike Rental is available at Neutral Cycle on campus.

Champaign and Urbana are bicycle friendly cities. The landscape is flat and there are so many beautiful places that are perfect for a pleasant afternoon ride. You can travel anywhere within a 30 mile radius of town with our biking system combined with our excellent local MTD bus system (All the buses are equipped with a bicycle carrier).

In order to satisfy the needs of the community, Neutral Cycle now offers two kinds of rental programs

  • Visitors from out of town, only staying briefly, should check out the regular bike rental to meet your needs. It’s a worry-free, fast, and safe solution to get around the town.
  • If you are in town only during the summer, our summer bike rental is for you. You will be able to ride a brand new bike and all maintenance will be free during the program.
    • Have a question? Give us a call at 217-979-2471 or email us at

      Let’s see what we can do for you.


      • Lights, Helmets and U-locks are provided at the rental location.
      • Government or Student ID and a credit card are required for the rental.
      • Rentee will be responsible for covering costs due to damage of the bike.
      • Pick up the bike at Neutral Cycle’s campus location.
      • For group rental (5+ bikes) please contact the shop.
      • 10% discount is available for group rental with 3 days advanced notice.
      • Documents and payment need to be processed 2 days in advanced for group rental.

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