Bicycle Repair Service by Neutral Cycle Workshop – An Independent Bike Shop in Urbana, Illinois

What do we work on?

We work on almost anything that you can pedal and ride – bicycles, tricycles, recumbents, triathlon bicycles, mass market bicycles and more! If you’re not sure please call the shop at 217-979-2471 or email and ask us. We will do some work on pedal assist electric bikes, but unfortunately we cannot service motors, do electric/gas conversions or bring anything with a gas engine into the shop.


Bring your bicycle into the shop for a free estimate and we can get your maintenance scheduled! Once we examine a bike we can hold onto it until the work is done or schedule an appointment for service. We generally will not schedule any work without seeing the bike in person. Work is done on a first-come, first served basis.

We offer much more than what is listed here! Please call, email or stop by the shop to inquire about service on your bike!

Tune ups

Tune ups are recommended on a seasonal basis or every 1000 to 3000 miles if you do not notice any problems. If for any reason you are unsure of the state of your bicycle, bring it in for a free estimate! All tune ups come with the Neutral warranty of one-month of free adjustments on services paid for. The types of tune-ups available are as follows:


  • FREE! Estimates may take 15 minutes or more depending on the bike

Standard Tune Up $70

  • Adjust shifting, brakes, hubs, headset and bottom bracket. True wheels.
  • Inspect binder bolts on stem, seatpost and cranks.
  • Lube chain, pivots, cogs and cables as needed.
  • Inflate tires and test ride.
  • $120 value for the individual adjustments.
  • Does not include parts.

Deluxe Tune Up $140

  • All of the services included in a Standard Tune Up
  • Overhaul hubs, replace cables as needed
  • Up to $220 value for the individual adjustments.
  • Does not include parts.

Wheel and Rim Service

Wheels are the most important part of your bicycle for longevity and efficiency! Checking up on them regularly will ensure your rides are smooth and enjoyable.

Wheel Truing

Standard Wheel Truing: $12

Nipple lubrication and wheel truing

Deluxe Wheel Truing: $60/hr. Typically $30

Re-tension all spokes, adjust dish and true the wheel.

Hub Service

Hub adjustment: $12

Adjust the cones and inject grease if needed

Hub overhaul $25-$30 depending on the style of hub.

Inspect the hub and cones, replace bearings and grease.
Does not include parts.


Fix a flat

Tube/Tire replacement usually $10, depending on style of bike
Replace tube/tire, inspect for cause of flat and inflate tire

Replace Spokes

$15 or more depending on spokes/wheel type

Wheel Builds

$60 for a custom wheel build
Does not include parts

Chain Repair and Service

Derailleur adjustment: $12-15

Adjust cable tension, limit screws, lube cables and pivots

Chain install: $7

Measure chain, size to correct length and install

Brake Service and Repair

Caliper brake adjustment: $12

Adjust cable tension, caliper alignment, pad alignment,
pad/rim cleaning, lubrication of cables and pivots

Mechanical disk brake adjustment: $18

Adjust caliper alignment, cable tension, pad cleaning, true rotor

Hydraulic brake service: $60

Hourly service for hydraulic disk brakes, $60 per hour.
Estimated adjustment $25, bleed $60, install $30-$100

Bottom Bracket

Bottom bracket adjustment: $12

Adjust the cups

Bottom bracket install: $25-50

Depends on the style of bottom bracket
Install bottom bracket, attach crankset
Additional $10 if adjusting shifting

Overhaul: $30-$50

Depends on style of bottom bracket
Inspect the cups and replace the bearings


Headset adjustment: $12

Adjust the cups

Headset overhaul: $25

Inspect the cups, replace the bearings. Does not include parts

Other Services

Pedal and cleat installation: $10

Re-tape the bars: $10

Kickstand install: $5

Saddle install: $5

Rack install: $10-$30

Depends on style of rack and time required

Fender install: $15-40

Depends on style of fenders and time required

Box a bike: $50-$75

(Shipping not included)

Build of a bicycle from the box:

$50 for single-speed or fixed-gear bicycle, $75 for multi-geared bike

TT bikes, tricycle or other exotic bike builds: $60 per hour

Depends on time required

Pricing disclaimer

All prices listed are guidelines. While these prices are representative of most cases, every bike is different and labor will be prices at the discretion of our service department accordingly. Labor prices do not include parts.