Hey Midwestern Cyclists!

Despite divisive trends in U.S. and international politics, everyone can agree that cycling fatalities should be vetoed. Across the Atlantic, there’s collaboration between nations to lower the 2000 cycling deaths per year in Europe.

If you’re thinking they’re building more protected bike lanes, think again. The Horizon 2020 commission has funded the XCYCLE project that promotes a more sustainable model for safe bicycling: integration. Because a whole new road system for bikes would cost a lot to construct and maintain, the EU is working to create car, traffic signal and bike technology that will help everyone share the road.

As stated in the project’s brochure: the EU’s XCYCLE project, partially funded by Volvo, will develop:

  • Technologies aimed at improving active and passive detection of cyclists;
  • Systems informing both drivers and cyclists of an hazard at junctions;
  • Effective methods of presenting information in vehicles and on-site ;
  • Cooperation systems aimed at reducing collisions with cyclists*

The implementation of XCYCLE’s research and development starts 2018.Read more about the project here:

With all the tech knowledge in CU, I wonder what we could do? 

Let’s put our thinking caps on as well as our helmets!

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