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Neutral Cycle and The Art Theater have joined forces to support the Kickapoo Rail Trail! Raffle tickets are just $1 and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure will be screened for free!

This Thursday, August 27th, Neutral Cycle and the Art Theater Co-op will offer you a chance to watch Pee-wee’s Big Adventure for $0 and win a bike for $1. All proceeds will be donated to the fund to build the Kickapoo Rail Trail. The event begins at 10:00 pm and will start with the bike raffle. If you want to make sure you get tickets, you can reserve them online. For more information on this event, check out the Facebook page.

The Kickapoo Rail Trail is a proposed trail to run from Urbana, IL to Danville, IL, along a 24.5-mile retired railroad corridor. Designed to be multi-use, this trail will offer area residents unparalleled access to enjoy the natural beauty of Central Illinois. Also relevant, this trail will connect Champaign county bikers to Kickapoo State Recreation Area, an outdoor preserve boasting great bike trails of its own. The proposed budget is 2.5 million, and the sooner we get help from you guys, the sooner we’ll see this trail built!

Urbana and Champaign have both made significant efforts towards making themselves bike-friendly communities, being certified at Gold and Silver levels, respectively. The Kickapoo Rail Trail will be but another way that Champaign-Urbana can build a community that actively supports and encourages bikes as an alternative means of transportation, as a way to maintain physical fitness, and as a tool to connect with the outdoors. If you want to be a part of realizing this trail and are interested in making a donation, you can do so online. Other upcoming fundraising events include a group ride on September 19th. See you all on Thursday!

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