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Our post about the top ten places people get bike tickets ruffled more feathers than we were comfortable with. Though the flippant tone was meant to draw people in and subtly steer them towards safe, legal biking, some understandably interpreted this as tacit (or not so tacit) support for unsafe biking.

We should be less subtle about our stance: You should bike safely and bike smartly. The best way to do this is to follow the traffic laws because they’re designed to enforce safe and smart biking. Improper biking could end in tragedy, with injuries or death both for cyclists and for others.

To do our part, we’re beginning an 8-part series covering what should be done to bike safely and what bike laws are in CU. This is something we’ve been meaning to do ever sine we started our blog.  Most people have only a basic understanding about what is legally required of bikers and often what they think they know may not be accurate.

Our schedule for posts can be found below. Once a new post is up, we’ll edit this page with a link to the new post.

  1. Helmet Laws in CU and Why You Should Wear a Helmet
  2. Stopping and Yielding
  3. Bike lights and night riding: laws and suggestions
  4. Drinking and Biking
  5. Bike Crashes in CU: Identifying Dangerous Intersections
  6. Bike Laws Worldwide
  7. Signaling Turns on Your Bike
  8. CU Sidewalk Biking Regulations Explained

Did we miss any important sections?  Let us know!  Comment if there are any sites whose information on bicycle safety or bicycle laws should be included in the list below.

If you want any other information quickly, here are some links to bike safety websites:

General bike safety:

Bike safety for kids:

Local bike safety and regulations:

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