This Saturday, September 27th, is Bike-to-Market Day, so CU area residents are encouraged to bring their bikes with them to the Urbana Farmer’s Market.  If you’re not aware of it, every Saturday from the first week of May to the first week of November, from 7-12 am at the southwest parking lot of the Lincoln Square Mall in downtown Urbana.  It’s one of the largest farmer’s markets in Illinois and has been going on since 1979.  This week there will be a bike valet, making parking easier than ever before!


Here you can find a range of locally produced fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, crafts, honey, alcohol, and other items. Not only is the quality high, but the prices are low – You’ll be amazed by how high the markup is at grocery stores for produce! – and it allows you to connect with food that’s both local and seasonal. For more information about the Farmer’s Market, see their website, their vendor map


Bike-to-Market Day will coincide with Champaign County Bikes‘ release of their 2015 bike map, which you can pick up at the Farmer’s Market. This map not only shows where bike paths are in the CU area, but also indicates different types of roads, difficult intersections for cyclists, and local landmarks. On the back it includes tips for safe biking and an overview of laws governing biking in Illinois.

The farmer’s market is not just an event for the individual, it’s great for families. It’s a gathering place for the community that includes stands from local organizations and live entertainment in the form of musicians and other performers. It’s a place that connects the urban element of CU with itself and with those more rural areas around it. In this way, we can see local entrepreneurship in the form of producers marketing and selling their products, products grown and made themselves by hand. It is probably partially for that reason that Neutral Cycle has such an affinity with it – being a similar sort of company.

Getting yourself and your family to and from the Farmer’s Market along with all of your newly-acquired goodies can be a stressful event, and more often than not, it involves a car. If this describes you, but you like biking, your reasons for choosing a car are probably pragmatic ones. Not everyone has the right type of bike or accessories to haul such precious (honey, children, etc.) cargo.


Neutral has the solution to this problem with Yuba Cargo bikes.  We offer these bikes both for rent and for sale.  Yuba bikes have space that allows for you to carry both your children and loads of whatever else you need to carry.  Yuba Cargo bikes, with their high-quality construction and smooth ride, provide a safe and easy means for families to get themselves around the CU community that doesn’t involve awkwardly-connecting trailers or bulky tag-along bikes.  If you’re interested in getting a cargo bike or want to rent one, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll set you up with a family bike that’s practical, safe, and fun.

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