You wouldn’t leave a child outside in the winter so why would you leave your bike?


For many students in at UIUC, bikes perform an important function – allowing them to more easily and more quickly get from place to place. For this reason, keeping your bike in good shape is of utmost importance. Don’t leave your bike out on some bike rack. Snow, salt, and thieves will destroy it. It could even be cut down and auctioned off by the University.

We know that it’s a hassle for students to find places to keep their bikes during winter break, especially when living in the dorms. Neutral Bicycle Storage offers students and other C-U community members an easy and safe way to store bicycles while away.

The steps for storing your bike are easy:

  1. Register online.
  2. Drop your bike off at our campus location on Fifth and Green.
  3. Don’t worry about your bike and enjoy the holidays.
  4. Come back to our shop on the date you selected for bike pick-up.
  5. Ride away on your bike.

We have two packages designed for storage over the winter.

  1. Winter Break Storage – For just $15, you can drop your bike off in December and pick it up in January. This means that for the price of an inexpensive entree and appetizer, you can ensure that when you return to campus, you don’t come back to a rusted, wheel-less bike.
  2. Winter Storage – Bikes can be useful at all times of the year, but for many people – particularly those in colder climates – biking is a seasonal activity, reserved for days that lack snow and the biting cold wind we in CU are all too used to.  For people who fall into this category, we offer the Winter Special Package.  For only $45, the price of three months, we’ll store your bike for four months, enough time for the snow to melt and the temperature to rise.  Bring your bike in some time during November or December, and pick it up whenever you want in March or April.  If you want to extend the length of time that you’ll be storing your bike, that’s also possible – just let us know beforehand and we’ll add a month – or however long – to your total.

We also offer packages with bike maintenance at a discounted rate so that when you get your bike back, it rides even better than before.

  1. Basic Maintenance – Chain lubrication, tire inflation, frame cleaning ($10)
  2. Tune-Up – Brake adjustment, wheel truing, derailleur adjustment, plus all basic maintenance features. ($30)

We know that for a lot of students, winter isn’t the only time of the year that they may find bike storage useful. Lots of students don’t have a place to store their bike on campus over the summer, or find it difficult to bring home. Don’t fear! We offer bike storage year-round, so if at any time you need your bike stored, let us know!


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