Starting in 1997, November 15th has been celebrated as America Recycles Day.  As the name would suggest, this holiday was created to promote the recycling and reuse of materials nationwide.  The goal is, also easily divined, to create a world that wastes less and produces less refuse.  For the past five years, Urbana has held an event at the Anita Purves Nature Center to engage community members – particularly children – and let them know what they can do to create a greener, more ecologically-sound community.  This event is sponsored by U-Cycle and the Urbana Park District.

This year Neutral Cycle was there, showing kids and other community members how to make jewelry and other items out of discarded bike parts, specifically old chains and tubes.

Check out this video of the event, complements of UPTV:

Let us know if you’ve ever made anything useful or cool with old bike parts!  Pictures are, as always, appreciated!

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