Working Bikes

Good bikes get trashed. Despite the life-changing and empowering qualities of bikes, they are often abandoned, neglected or lost, especially on college campuses. Fortunately, the University of Illinois’s Active Transportation Team has partnered with Working Bikes to ensure all functioning bikes get homes. And on Friday November 4th from 10-6 at 1923 S Wright St, Urbana, IL, you can too!

Based out of Chicago, Working Bikes is “giving old bikes, new homes” all over the world. The non-profit works with individuals and organizations to collect unused bikes and ship them to developing countries where owning a bike could mean the difference between accessing food and not.

This Friday, Working Bikes will drop a shipping container in CU and the over 700 unused bikes will be prepped for packing and shipping. Community members are invited to help take off the pedals and handlebars for easier shipping.

For U of I’s neglected bike collection, Working Bikes is collaborating with Africycle to bring functioning bikes to Tanzania! Go to 1923 S Wright St anytime between 10 and 6 on Nov 4th. If you’re mechanically inclined, bicycling inclined, or do-goodery inclined, this is a great chance to make an impact on your local and global community.

Working Bikies, Africycle and UIUC all know how much bikes can change lives. In order to keep your bike safe on campus, register with UIUC so that if the university finds your bike after it’s been lost or stolen, the caring, wonderful people of the university can get it to you!

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