Two days ago Neutral Cycle got to hang out with Texas 4000 for Cancer. Here’s a rundown of their time in CU and some info about the great things that they’re doing.

Texas 4000 for Cancer are a group that organizes annual bike rides across America and Canada with the goal of raising money for cancer research. Since 2004, they’ve donated over $1 million to different cancer charities. Texas 4000 riders are University of Texas Austin students who commit to a grueling 4000-mile journey, averaging 70 miles a day but sometimes going up to 120 miles in a day. Being one of the larger charity cycling organizations around, they run three different circuits across North America: Ozarks (the group who visited us), Rockies, and Sierra.

Coming in from Springfield, IL, the 27 cyclists visited us on June 25th, marking the 27th day of their odyssey. They visited our shop, we fixed up some of their bikes (just imagine the wear and tear their Felts were going through), and we had some time to talk and chill with fellow bike-lovers (and later eat some Papa Del’s with them). WCIA Channel-3 came by when they were at the shop, so be sure to check out their report.

Neutral Cycle was just one of the local organizations to help out.  The CU Sunrise Rotary Club helped by providing drinks and snacks. The Newman Center housed them overnight. Our good friend Jeff from Champaign County Bikes was there, too.

For more information, check out their webpage and learn more about the great work that they’re doing. If you’re interested in helping out with a similar local organization, you should check out the Illini 4000, who do a similar ride every year.

We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing them again next year!

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