Summer is here and so is triathlon season! Here is a list of some tricks to help you be prepared for your race!


Nourishing your body with a healthy, balanced diet and sufficient rest is vital for you to be in your best shape for the race. Avoid a heavy carb and sugar meal before your race and intake ample amounts of protein. Do note that portions for both food and hydration should be satisfactory–not excessive. While fueling allows you to keep going, overconsumption can actually deter your stamina. Finding time during the race to refuel can be challenging, but practice different plans to help manage time and getting the right amount of nutrition.



Familiarizing yourself prior to the race can not only improve your time but releases anxiety and tension. Research and practice on similar course conditions and transitions so your body grows more comfortable to the possible strains. There is a lot of of innovative equipment that can aid you in the race, but make sure not to try anything new on the day of. Wetsuits, for example, are recommended by some but are not always the easiest to remove. Always check your gear and ensure that you are completely accustomed to everything. Remember, what might work for other racers may not be right for you!



It is easy to become overwhelmed due to the sheer number of participants in the race. Maintaining a clear head encourages you to be quick on your feet in any situation that may arise. While some races do not allow knapsacks, it is helpful to figure out how to arrange your equipment together and organized so you won’t forget anything. Having set goals can motivate you through training but some participants advise against frequent checks on the time during the race as it can cause you to stress and tense up even more.


Fix it!

Before your race make sure all your equipment is working and ready to go! Nothing is worse than training for months only to be stopped by a flat tire or another mechanical failure! If you haven’t had your bike checked out recently, have a professional look it over and make sure it is working smoothly and safely! Aside from major mechanical problems, there are plenty of smaller issues that may slow you down without you even realizing it. So get your bike checked! Confidence in your equipment will allow you to focus on performing your best.

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